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In this program, people participate less, but people still feel a high level of achievement. The general objective of the research is to describe and analyze implementation of adopted artificial insemination innovation on slaughter cattle’s farmers. Specifically, is to describe and analyze the perception of slaughter cattle’s farmers on AI in the three locations of research. Locations of the research are Kecamatan Geger Kabupaten Bangkalan and Kecamatan Mantup Kabupaten Lamongan in East Java Province and Kecamatan Penebel Kabupaten Tabanan in Bali Province. This research was designed as a relationship descriptive survey by both quantitative and qualitative approach. The number of sample is 240 respondents -who is the acceptors of AI- and by approach of stratified random sampling method. Data collection was completed with questionnaires, interview and field observation.

This researching was an observational research that is definitely analytic with circumstance control design. Typically the sample in this specific study amounted to be able to 76 people composed of patients together with hypertension and not hypertensionpatients in Open public Poly, Primary Haelth Care Tanah Kalikedinding Surabaya. The effect of the researching using logistic regression test showed (p 0, 000; OR PERHAPS 9, 022)that going to sleep pattern has typically the greatest influence to be able to the happening regarding hypertension compared to be able to age and gender. Thestrength of the influence of sleep patterns of respondents showed that respondents who had a good pattern had a9. 022 times greater risk of not having hypertension as compared to those who got poor sleep styles. Poor sleep patternsinclude sleep disturbances, weak sleep quality, in addition to short sleep length.

To get that, the study methodology used qualitative and quantitative strategies. Quantitative data had been processed using regression test, rank Spearman test, and mix tabulation.

Therefore, strategies are needed to improve its performance, especially with typically the implementation of typically the difference involving the key government and native authorities. While the bureaucratic implications in typically the advancement agribusiness, right now there are three designs, namely hr manager} development extension real estate agent, performance evaluation, in addition to monitoring the performance of agricultural extension. The objective of the research would be to describe and analyze implementation and rate of adopted unnatural insemination innovation about slaughter cattle’s growers. Specifically, the targets are to explain the functions of internal and external regarding slaughter cattle’s farmers, the implementation plus the rate of AI’s adoption, and the particular relationship of interior and external characteristics of slaughter cattle’s farmers and re-homing of AI. The research is conducted at Kecamatan Geger Kabupaten Bangkalan and Kecamatan Mantup Kabupaten Lamongan in East Espresso Province and in Kecamatan Penebel Kabupaten Tabanan in Bali Province.

Growers hold the high information, attitude and habits towards Huyula despite the fact that used only inside the cleaning regarding irrigation channels. Right now there is a connection between knowledge, perceptions and behavior regarding farmers toward Huyula. You can find two variabel like age in addition to extention intensity that affects the existence Huyula. This research focuses on community participation in the Program Nasional Pemberdayaan Masyarakat-Mandiri in Kotabatu Rural, District Ciomas, Bogor Regency.

Info collecting was placed during December 2006-April 2007 from typically the 158 students inside 13 pesantren found in West Java in addition to Banten. The santri’s characteristics include era, level of professional education, experience regarding business training prior to going into the pesantren, parent job, belief of talent plus interest. The factors contribute to the entrepreneurship expertise are proved the particular Islamic personalities, belief of talent, Islamic knowledge abilities, plus interest. Street kid problems, like iceberge phenomenon, of which usually the regional pouches, the distribution plus the age greatly increase day simply by day. Since 1997 the government of Indonesia through the Social Ministry has been carrying out efforts to overcome the problems, but up to now the attempts have not produced the expected outcomes because of the particular limited information associated with the problems. The current research was resolved to provide informations on the phenomenon profiles of street children and strategies for their elimination in Bandung, Bogor and Jakarta.

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In term associated with the ways of boost the job fulfillment, in general, almost all the items linked to the work of posyandu cadres should become retained or classified low priority, within other words there is absolutely no necessary to boost the job fulfillment posyandu cadres. Socialization of the applications to the local community is among the factors that will can determine the particular participation from the local community. Obtaining an explanation of socialization plus community involvement may be the purpose of this particular paper. This papers will even present the particular percentage of general public knowledge about this program and the portion of community participation within the program. The particular aim of the study was intended to make the model associated with poor familiy Empowerement by determining each the level plus the influencing aspects of social obligation and level associated with empowerment. Survey plus interview techniques had been implemented among 276 selected samples, began Nopember 2006 till April 2007. The particular results indicated that will a number associated with respondent had the high social obligation and medium degree of empowerment.

Factors related in order to this are conduct is the regarding extension activities plus environmental support. Lasting agriculture is 1 of national objective development in the particular realization of meals self-suffiency in Philippines. Sustainable agriculture will certainly not be recognized with no involvement associated with youth in farming activities, which consist of the activities associated with land and seeds preparation, maintenance, plus harvesting. Agricultural actions must be capable to satisfy the financial needs, maintaining property fertility, and acknowledged by society because decent job. The objective of this research was going to analyze the aspects that determine the particular involvement of countryside youth in lasting agricultural activities.