Hereo Morrisons manager ‘saves woman’s life’ in store toilets after breaking down door

Hereo Morrisons manager ‘saves woman’s life’ in store toilets after breaking down door

An ex-army man turned Morrisons manager saved a woman’s life inside the store toilets.

Nick Phillips, 39, was working the night shift on Tuesday, August 30, at the Southport branch when he was alerted by a member of staff that something serious had happened.

A woman had reportedly locked herself in the toilets in the Winter Gardens in an apparent attempt to take her own life and was unresponsive.

After knocking on the door, Mr Phillips broke down the door to get to the woman.

He performed emergency CPR on the woman and she began breathing again, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Both the police and ambulance services were called, and the woman was taken to hospital where she would receive further treatment.

As an ex-army and former prison officer, Mr Phillips knew exactly what to do.

His previous training meant that he knew compact CPR, and he has a history of tending to people in need.

His wife, Catherine Phillips, said: “Because of his experience, his brain goes into this mode where he does exactly what he needs to do to get stuff done, I’ve never known anyone like him.

“He gets the job done, so when this happened, I don’t know who the girl is, but she couldn’t have wished for anyone better to come and save her life.

“He is the most resilient person I’ve ever met in my life.”

Catherine said her husband stayed on shift for hours after the incident to ensure that his staff were okay and felt supported.

A spokesperson for North West Ambulance Service said: “I can confirm an ambulance attended and took a patient to hospital.”