Massive 7ft SHARK caught off UK coast weighs 300lb and snaps fishing rod in half

Massive 7ft SHARK caught off UK coast weighs 300lb and snaps fishing rod in half

A fisherman has captured the ‘epic’ moment he reeled in a huge shark by himself off the coast of Britain.

Lone angler Ray Breton, 53, from Gosport, Hampshire, revealed the very moment he saw his fishing rod snap in half as he lurched in the monster fish.

The 52-year-old was fishing by himself on his 16 foot long boat off the Isle of Wight, when he says a huge porbeagle shark went for his mackerel bait.

A lorry driver by day, and avid fisherman during his spare time, Ray says he immediately grabbed his pole to reel the 7 foot long ‘angry’ shark in.

However, the beast put up one hell of a fight as the catch was so big it took Ray almost an hour to get it alongside his boat.

Incredible footage shows Ray’s rod bent by almost double, before finally giving way and snapping in two.

The lorry driver – who came prepared and was wearing protective gloves – gripped a hold of his thin wire leader line and pulled in the shark himself.

While he didn’t manage to get the giant into his boat, he got it close enough that he could measure it.

The catch, according to Ray, measured at 7 foot long and estimated to weigh around a whopping 300lbs.

The Hampshire man says that after admiring the beast he pulled in, he unhooked it and released it safe and well afterwords.

Speaking about the fight the pair put up, Ray said: “It was epic and feisty. After about an hour I got it alongside the boat.

“Then my rod snapped so I had no choice but to grab hold of the wire leader line and get it to the boat.

“It was at least 300lbs.

“I have caught a few sharks before but this one seemed angrier than usual. I was really pleased but was aching for a while afterwards.”

The porbeagle – a large powerful shark – is a relative of the Great White. However, it is not considered harmful to humans as they rarely come towards the shore.

Currently, the official record for the biggest porbeagle shark caught in the UK stands at 507lbs, and was caught by a Scots fisherman Chris Bennett off the Orkney Isles in 1993.

In order to be considered an official record by the British Records Fish Committee, potential record fish must be weighed on land – which means they have to be killed.

This has caused a lot of controversy among the fishing world, with most anglers against this.

Therefore, they measure the sharks – mainly while they are in the water – and estimate its weight.

Along with blue sharks and thresher sharks, porbeagles are native to UK waters.