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Product Description

Simi Isomalt is brilliantly crystal clear, strong, pure, pre-tempered, with ease of use and the longest workablability time.  We set our students up for success. In the classroom every student gets a bubble on the very first try.  Just heat in the microwave until melted and pour!  It’s that easy.  Create unique and elegant sugar glass pieces in minutes.  For the hobbyist just trying the isomalt for the first time in a mold to the seasoned professional in a bakery setting, where time is money, Simi Isomalt is the answer.

What makes this product innovative?

Simi Isomalt has longer workability time.  By our unique cooking method, we are able to create an isomalt with the longest possible workable material time.  This gives students and professionals that extra time needed to create the perfect centerpiece or decoration.  And Simi Isomalt is created in a humid environment.  We know how to overcome humidity and clarity issues with only a few simple tips.  In parts of the world they say you can’t use isomalt, Simi Isomalt works!  We work tirelessly with scientists, students, and customers around the world to make sure Simi Isomalt is the very easiest, trouble free isomalt for everyone to use.  Our education program along with our isomalt is created to get isomalt in the hands of every cake decorator on every level.  I have created a simplified educational process that safely insures every person who uses isomalt creates a gorgeous, unique piece of sugar glass.

What type of buzz has this product created? (Please include any press coverage, awards, or special recognitions)

Simi brand is getting isomalt into the gloved hands of sugar artists, cake decorators, chefs, celebrity artists, and hobbyists.  Simi Cakes sponsors many Food Network artists when they are using isomalt on their projects.  I have started the Simi Torch Team; an elite group of celebrity cake decorators from around the world who utilized isomalt in their cakes, decorations, competitions, classes, and TV appearances.  As I travel and teach across the US, Europe and the Caribbean, I see more and more students entering in cake shows; entering their isomalt sculptures or cakes adorned with isomalt that they hand sculpted themselves.  I like to push the limits and see what isomalt can really do.  From the jewel look, to metallics, to a modern plastic look, to an elegant porcelain finish, isomalt can be more than the familiar look.  Last year I jumped into the edible fashion scene.  I asked myself what can I do with isomalt other than just jewelry?  Why not think bigger?  I created the focal point of the vibrant dress, an isomalt shoulder cuff that swept across the front and back of the entire dress with pulled isomalt feathers, engineered to be perfectly balanced on one shoulder for the entire night of the affair.   The future of isomalt is wide open.  Creativity and possibilities are endless.  Modern twists, ideas out of the box.  Just watch Simi Isomalt and see what’s next!




October 21, 2016 6:30 pm

Brill product

Sherry Griesman

October 22, 2016 11:25 am

Very talented and gifted lady!!!


November 3, 2016 6:53 am

would love to work with this!!!!!

martha wallenhorst

November 7, 2016 4:51 pm

These icing sheets allow for beautifully draped light weight folds for cake decorating or sugar work.

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