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ink-pr-shotStamp a Cake by Bake Group


Stamp a Cake has designed and developed a unique way of stamping specially formulated edible inks using food grade tools and contemporary food grade stamp designs.

Imprint your sweet creations onto fondant, cookies, chocolate, icings, pastries and more.

Stamping as a craft has been around for a long. We have developed a range of food safe tools, stamps and specially formulated edible ink to take stamping in caking. The ability to stamp intricate ‘hand-drawn’ stamp designs onto a range of edible surfaces saves time and money for the cake decorator, and provide a realistic hand drawn design that will give the impressions of hours of work.

Stamp a Cake was launched at the Sydney Cake Bake and Sweets show in June 2016. The product has received excellent industry appraisal since launch, including 20K+ views of a demo video by Anna-Maria Roche filmed by Liz Marek from the Artisan Cake Company –


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November 3, 2016 4:34 pm

This is a great product

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