How to Enter

In order to enter the competition please review the award criteria and categories to determine which category or categories you would like to enter. Using the links below navigate to the correct form and complete all of the information and pay the entry fee.

You will need to complete the entry form and pay the fee all at once so please be sure that you have the following items ready before starting your entry:

  • Your biography
  • Information about awards and honors you have received.
  • Complete contact information
  • Up to 10 images of your work and other items you would like to share
  • Up to 2 headshots

Or if your entry is for the Most Innovative Product category you will need:

  • Complete contact information
  • Up to 10 images of the product and projects created using your product
  • A clean .jpeg or .png image of your logo
  • Up to 10 images of any marketing materials or other product information you would like to share

Only materials submitted according to the specified criteria will be judged.

Deadline for all entries is September 15, 2016.

The entry period for the 2016 awards program has ended. Please join our newsletter to receive updates about next year’s program.