Shakila Perera Liyanapathirana – Artist of the Year – Europe

picture2Shakila Perera Liyanapathirana
Shaki Cake Academy

Piazzale Cesare Battisti

Brescia, Brescia, 25128, Italy

Shaki cake international

How long have you been a cake artist or sugar artist? I have been working as a cake and sugar artist since 1995.

Bio: I am Shakila Perera Liyanapathirana, and I have been living in Italy since 2005. My cake artist and sugar artist career begin in my childhood through my grandfather and my mother. Actually, I have almost 20 years experience in this field.

I am Sri Lankan. I was born in 1978. I had the opportunity to come in to Italy via my husband. I started my own academy after coming to Italy in 2010. I have more than 100 students throughout Italy. Since 2010, my academy has submitted projects to sugarcraft exhibitions. I participate in international exhibitions presenting my own creations. Most of my international submissions have won Gold medals, and Best in Show:

  • 2011 Zucchero in Testa: Cake Design Winner Expo award and 1st Runner Up
  • 2012 Cake Design Italian Festival: royal icing final list, 1st Place, and 3rd Place
  • 2012 Zucchero in Testa: Cake Design Winner and Winner Expo award
  • 2014 Cake International London: Decorate Cookies Gold medal, 2nd Place, and Sugar Flower Arrangement Gold medal, 2nd Place
  • 2014 Cake International Birmingham: Celebration Cake category Gold, 1st Place
  • 2015 Squire Kitchen Exhibition: UK Miniature Wedding Cake Gold medal, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, and Cupcake Class Silver medal
  • Cake Design World Cup 2015 Milan, Italy: Sweet Journal award
  • Cake International Birmingham 2015: won two Gold medals for Small Exhibit category and Exhibit category
  • Art Of Sugar 2016 Switzerland: Best In Class for Celebration Cake category and Best In Show
  • Art Of Sugar Switzerland: Gold award for Wedding Cake category

Have you developed or created any special techniques or methods? I am most famous for royal icing. In this category I have my own methods and techniques.

How do you deal with people who copy your original ideas? It doesn’t bother me because I am an instructor.

What else would you like to share with us? I ask the judges to look at the most rare parts and lines, pedigrees of my royal icing works.


This sugar craft I Made for the competitition was held in Switzerland this year. I used special pedigrees by using oo nossel, most Rare royal icing works. I used red colour sugar paste and Made a christmas tree by royal icing on the top of the cake to demostrate christmas festival on behalf of celebration cake catagory.


This sugar craft I made for my 6th annual Shaki cake international exhibition was held on Milano, Italy. It was completed with 6 tires, all covered by royal icing decorations & top of the cake I Made Symbol of Shaki cake acadamy . It was also Made by royal icing.




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