The Edible Artists Global Academy Association (EAGAA) is a platform supporting all forms of edible arts and to support individuals who are active in the industry as professionals, apprentices or hobbyists. EAGAA supports Training Centres whose emphasis is to elevate the standards, quality and knowledge of these art forms.

EAGAA has been set up and registered with the Hong Kong Government. EAGA Awards were hosted by HKIBE and its associates in 2016. Please refer to www.eagawards.org for more information.



To support and share experiences in the world of edible arts. To establish a regional, cohesive appreciation of edible arts. To bring the works of cottage artisans / home bakers into the forefront. To incorporate professional techniques with other commercial techniques and skills, with emphasis on heightening awareness in health, safety and good housekeeping standards.


  • Giving up-to-date information on Baking, Decorating and Chocolate Artistry
  • Promoting edible arts in all forms into new markets and schools
  • Giving members a platform to be inspired, to connect and encouraged.
  • EAGAA will hold competitions and awards through collaborations with industry leaders.
  • EAGAA will issue Seals of Approvals based on standards approved by it’s Honorary Members
  • EAGAA allows members to post their digital sites based on a standard requirement.
  • EAGAA educates its members through informed write-ups by experts in the industry.


Type of Memberships

  • Honorary Members (by invitation only)
  • Product Brand Members (by invitation only)
  • Individual Member – Registration Fee US$50 (one year), renewable at US$25/year
  • Corporate Member Registration Fee US$200, renewable at US$100/year (minimum 5 members)
  • Honorary Members are invited to contribute in the areas of:
  1. Judging in Competitions; setting up judging guidelines for Members
  2. Advice on global market trends
  3. Identify general market trends and changes in tastes and styles
  4. Identify technical and practical changes in edible art forms
  5. Selection and awarding the EAGAA Seal of Approval through established rules, for industry professionals and non-professionals who have excelled in any particular edible art form


Community Service

A platform to educate the disadvantaged:

  • EAGAA is connected with Society of Crafts for the Advancement of Rural Folks, Sarawak (SCARFS)
  • Angels for Orphans (Hong Kong)
  • Mercy Field (Fuzhou)


Founding Honorary Members

Mr. George W. GermannMaster Pâtissier and Chocolatier (Switzerland & Malaysia)

Trainer and Judge (Patisserie and Chocolate)

Ms. Louisa Ho – President of Hong Kong Bakery And Confectionery Association

Trainer and Judge (Baking and Sugar Arts)

Ms. Penelope d’Arcy Graham – Commercial Bakery and Sugar Craft Trainer (UK)

Trainer & Judge (Baking & Sugar Arts)

Mrs. Mercedes Strachwsky (USA)

Judge and Trainer (Fondant Artistry)

Mr. Kao Sieu Luc (Vietnam)

EAGA Lifetime Achievement Award (Baking Arts) 2016

Mr. Eddie Spence M.B.E (UK)

Royal Icing Master

Lifetime EAGA Awards (Royal Icing) 2016

Ms. Agnes Chin – President & Founder of EAGAA

Benefactor and a passionate supporter of edible art forms. Supporter of the disadvantaged through

sponsorship of their training and exposure to these art forms.