Benefits of an Edible Artists Global Awards

  • Award winners and nominees will gain international recognition and significant market visibility via publicity generated by their nomination and award.
  • Edible Artists Global Awards nominations and awards will be presented after unbiased review by a network of industry experts, thereby providing an esteemed 3rd-party affirmation of superior skill and quality. This type of endorsement is powerful promotion that reaches potential customers in a way traditional marketing and advertising cannot.
  • The EAGA’s can offer you as an artist increased global exposure. With all shortlisted nominees having dedicated features on our website, partner websites, magazines and social media.
  • All nominees are invited to attend our awards ceremony on Thursday December 1st, 2016, Hong Kong.
  • The EAGA’s is the first global awards where your fans get the opportunity to vote for you!
  • Increased marketing potential. As a full award winner you will be eligible to use our exclusive winners badge on all your marketing and advertising.
  • All shortlisted nominees are invited to offer workshops at IBE HK in December. An exciting opportunity to share your knowledge and promote your brand on a worldwide stage. As well as benefiting from a 50% share of all class revenue.
  • All shortlisted nominees are offered a retail space to promote and sell their products at IBE HK in December. All supported by IBE and the EAGA’s, again this is a unique opportunity to open up the doors for your brand to a larger audience.

This annual event will provide recognition, prestige, status and credibility to the nominated and winning artists, as well as elevate the industry as a whole.